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Who I Am from Rachel Wayne on Vimeo.

Personal statement


I am a graduate student in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Florida. My path is applied visual anthropology—incorporating film & media studies, entrepreneurship, and the anthropology of law and social change. As part of UF’s combined Anthropology graduate program, I intend to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD in Cultural Anthropology.
I have a BA from Valdosta State University in Georgia; I double majored in Cultural Anthropology and Theatre Arts.

What is visual anthropology?

Anthropology is often confused with archaeology, the study of ancient cultures through artifacts. However, cultural anthropology often involves artifacts as well, in certain theoretical orientations and in specific subfields such as visual anthropology. The new artifacts through which the interactions and construction of government, commerce, leisure activities, and sexuality are in ever-evolving forms of media in intertextual, largely visual form. Filmmaking and anthropology are merging.


I write for the stage and screen, design and direct installed and staged shows, and provide immersive educational opportunities for my community, using audiovisual media. I’m also developing altruistic programs based on artistic engagement, through my emerging agency CerridwenWorks. My goal is to bring the world not only enjoyment but social awareness and intellectually engaging characters and ideas. I enjoy the artistic process, collaborating with people who share my love of the visual media, and creating artifacts of beauty.

Community engagement

I work in several different capacities in local theatre, including directing, stage management, and production design.

Want to hire me?

Check me out on LinkedIn and check out my resumé. Contact me at rachelwayne [dot] gainesville [at] gmail [dot] com or via LinkedIn if you’d like to hire me.
I do:
  • properties design and management
  • set decoration
  • special effects design and execution
  • makeup design and execution
  • costume design and wardrobe management
  • screenwriting and playwriting
  • stage and company management
I’m looking for more experience in, and have my own equipment for:
  • camera operation
  • sound recording and mixing

Looking for research collaborators

My primary applied visual anthropology pursuit is a multimedia research project into the bullying phenomenon in schools (See Research Updates). At this stage of my research, I am seeking Florida-based collaborators interested in a CAPS (cultural anthropology, psychology, and sociology) approach to studying bullying among children and harassment among adults, who may be interested in documentary filmmaking, workshop development, and/or applied theatre. Please contact me at rachelwayne [dot] gainesville [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested.